Speaker Services & Guest Lecturers

Center for Developing Minds has experienced speakers who can give interactive talks or more formal presentations. Each presentation is tailored to the audience, whether a small chat or large lecture. CDM speakers are experts in their field, and have presented at national conferences and other venues throughout the country. CDM clinicians can also provide a variety of live-stream video presentations to schools, teachers, or parent groups. CDM speakers offer continuing education on a broad range of topics about child behavior and development, and offer practical examples and tips to attendees. Fees vary by speaker and audience size, please contact info@devminds.com for more information. Examples of recent talks and possible subject areas include:

Oppositional Behavior “The Terrible 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, & 5’s: Parenting Strategies for Challenging Behaviors,” “Meltdowns to Shutdowns: Learning to cope with disappointments.” 

Promoting Social Functioning Skills “Helping Your Child to Navigate Their Social Worlds.” 

Managing Screen Time “Parenting in a Social Media World.” 

Behavior Management “Bringing ABA to Your Classroom,” “Make the Holidays Manageable: Get the Best out of your Child’s Behavior.”

Autism  “Solutions for Students on the Autistic Spectrum”

ADHD  “Everything You Need to Know about ADHD.”

Dyslexia  “Systemic and Explicit Spelling Instruction.”

Attention  “The Attention Functions and Dysfunctions.”

Visual and Auditory Processing

Motor Coordination/Kinesthetic Processing
“From Pencil Control to the Playground.”

Memory (long-term, working)  “Something is Not Right: Subtle signs of learning disabilities.”

Executive Functions  “Raising an Organized Child.”

Social Cognition  “Socialization and Social Skills for Special Education Children.” 

Anxiety and Depression  “Too many fears: How to help my anxious child.” 

Temperament “Understanding Your Child’s Temperament.” 

General sessions for parents and schools:  “Preparing Kids to Launch,” “How Young Brains Vary: Understanding Your Child,” “Happily Ever-After: Keeping your marriage working well.”