College Essay Support

Working with our educational specialist, you can brainstorm and outline your answers to selected application prompts or bring in an already complete draft of your college essay or personal statement for review. We can help at any stage in the writing process!

Highlight Your Individuality

College admissions officers want to hear about you, not your Nobel-prize winning great-uncle or spectacular furry friend. Constructing essays that showcase your skills, talents, hobbies, and intellectual vitality is easier once you know how to approach talking about yourself through writing. The advice from our reviewer will ensure you’re telling a story that’s uniquely your own.

In addition, our reviewer will provide advice regarding your attention to detail, proper grammar, and overarching thematic continuity, which will help you cultivate an expertly written essay.

To schedule a personal review session with our educational specialist, please contact the clinic at 408-358-1853.