We help parents to understand the underlying cause of their child’s behavior and develop appropriate treatment plans to support families. Behavioral evaluations at the CDM vary for each child, but can include various combinations of the following:

  • Detailed interviews.
  • Structured and informal play sessions.
  • Classroom observations.
  • Detailed assessments of the parent-child interaction.

We determine if a child has a delay or a typical variation in the pattern of their development. To make this determination we offer the following services:

  • Interviews and informal play sessions.
  • Developmental testing using instruments nationally accepted as the “gold standard” for childhood assessments.
  • Diagnostic assessments of pervasive developmental disorders, such as autism. These assessments may be done during a comprehensive evaluation, or in our developmental screening clinic.

We combine medical and psychological approaches to detect developmental variations in learning. We provide detailed learning evaluations and treatment plans. We also help parents to work with schools so that their child achieves optimal services. Learning evaluations are unique to each student, but can involve a variety of options including:

  • Licensed psychological testing of cognition and academic abilities.
  • Classroom observations.
  • Neurodevelopmental assessments of a child’s strengths and weaknesses within the learning process.
  • Educational advocacy.