Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching and the Mind Lab
For more than two decades, Damon Korb, MD, the director of Center for Developing Minds, has been a nationally recognized leader in examining a child’s executive functioning and providing solutions for improving their skills. While parents can find loads of advice on this subject in his book, Raising an Organized Child, for some students it is helpful to work directly with an outside instructor, either in-person or online. 
CDM educational specialists have years of training helping students boost their executive function skills. This may become especially important as your child enters middle- or high-school, where the increased demands may finally overwhelm their abilities. Many students find a weekly check-in
with our specialists helps teach them new skills and keeps them on track with assignments and projects. For students in serious academic trouble, the intensive educational therapy found at our Mind Lab has the support they need. 
Some of the strategies and skills that can be addressed with one-on-one training at the CDM include:
  • Planning ahead
  • Locating possessions
  • Taking others perspective
  • Better time-management skills
  • Becoming more organized
  • Flexible thinking
  • Grasping the big picture
  • Creating homework management routines
  • Transitioning from one task to the next
  • Communicating effectively
  • Practice sustaining attention
  • Creating daily lists and agendas
  • Not getting “stuck”
  • Regulating emotions
  • Better note-taking

CDM’s new Mind Lab provides intensive educational therapy.

Designed for families with soured parent-child relationships over homework struggles or students in academic crisis.

The Mind Lab offers specialized support for students, age 13-20, who require immediate assistance with managing their schoolwork. Experienced educational specialists will assist your family in the creation of a short- and long-term goals, partner with your student’s teacher(s), and establish a plan for success. Students of the Mind Lab will gain practical skills for addressing classwork challenges, as well as learn how to effectively prepare and navigate school. Participants will have a personal space to complete projects and homework, and our instructors will help engage with each student to regain lost motivation.

Registration is now open for upcoming sessions. Two or four days per week options available, fees start at $450/week. Students are monitored in a small group environment over the duration of each two hour class, with a 15 minute individual pull-out with a master educational therapist. The intent of the Mind Lab is to teach students how to be productive learners, it is not a tutoring program for specific school subjects. Please contact the clinic for an intake appointment to determine if the program is appropriate for your student.