Center for Developing Minds, created by Damon Korb, M.D., is a specialty clinic in the Silicon Valley devoted to developmental and behavioral pediatrics. Established in 2004, Center for Developing Minds provides care for children and young adults who struggle at home and school due to:

Behavior issues | Learning difficulties | Attention problems | Social skill deficits

Autism spectrum disorders | Developmental delays | Psychological disorders


Clinicians at Center for Developing Minds are experts in uncovering subtle variations in every child’s cognitive abilities, which, if left untreated, can lead to chronic frustration and unnecessary struggles. How a child reads, runs and relates to others hinges on a delicate balance of functions of the brain, such as memory, attention and language. When properly identified, weaknesses in these areas can be strengthened or accommodations can be made that allow the child to achieve to his or her potential.

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Center for Developing Minds has adjusted our COVID-19 protocols again, as the status of the pandemic is dynamic. We continue to enforce mask-wearing by all staff and visitors to the clinic for the health and safety of our clinicians and other patients. Everyone on our staff is vaccinated. We strongly encourage all visitors to be vaccinated and boosted, as it is proven to be effective in reducing the severity of covid symptoms if infected. We continue to see too many clients who are affected by long-Covid issues, so please be safe and limit your risk of infection and of spreading the virus in highly populated public spaces by wearing a mask.

Stay safe, stay healthy!