Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics

In-Home/School Behavioral Specialist Program Overview

Behavior treatment requires a commitment from adults in terms of time and willingness to make change. The initial behavioral treatment program requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. This program is ideal for a family with a specific concern (e.g. not sleeping, homework resistance, toileting issues).
  • The behavioral specialist first meets with parents for 60-90 minutes to discuss concerns and establish appropriate goals.
  • The behavioral specialist visits your home or your child's school to perform a two hour observation.
  • The behavioral specialist creates and shares a preliminary Behavior Action Plan.
  • The behavioral specialist meets with the family at home or the CDM for two, or more, 60 minute sessions to train parents, and test the plan.
  • The behaviorist formalizes a complete and tested Behavior Action Plan.
More complex presentations (e.g. extremely difficult behavior, not listening, aggression) often require extended monitoring and adjustments to plans. Once the specialist formalizes a Behavior Action Plan, on-going sessions may be needed to support parents and teachers.

For more information about this unique, personalized program and how your family may benefit from such guidance, please contact your CDM clinician at 408-358-1853 or email