Damon Korb - Director
   Tara Arnaiz - Marriage and Family Therapist
   Carlin Graveline - Speech and Language Pathologist
   Cassandra Harms - Marriage and Family Therapist
Savita Joshi - Office Receptionist
Amy Korb - Business Manager
> Sue Landaiche - Office Administrator
   Joyia Moeller - Educational Psychologist
   Jana Parker - Educational Psychologist
   Jennifer Rich - Marriage and Family Therapist
   Suzanne Roepke - Educational Psychologist
   Michael Slone - Educational Psychologist, Behavior Analyst
   Victoria Tenenbaum - Pediatric Behavior Specialist
   Susie Todd - Administrative Assistant
   Makenzie Wesner - Behavioral and Developmental Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
   Lara Zawacki - Educational Psychologist, School Psychologist

Sue Landaiche
Office Administrator

Sue is a part-time member of the administrative team at the CDM, working on a variety of special projects. In addition, she prepares reports for the clinicians and provides support to the front office.

Sue has a B.S. in Business Administration and has experience in community relations, corporate marketing, and business management. She also coaches youth soccer in Los Gatos and teaches horsemanship at CCC Horse Training.