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Informing Your Son/Daughter

Please read or summarize the following to your child or have him/her read it over before coming in for the evaluation. Some parents like to do this the day before the visit to the Center for Developing Minds.

Pretty soon you will be going to a clinic to get some tests and to talk to people about how you do in school. Many kids come to have this done. Some kids are a little afraid or nervous before they come in, but when they go home they realize that they had fun and that they learned something about how to do better in school.

When you come to see us, you will visit with different people. You will also have some reading, math, and other tests that are for kids your age. There will be some word games, puzzles, and muscle tests that are fun to do and that tell us something about the best way for you to learn in school. You will have a checkup just like what you get when you go to the doctor, but you will not have to get a shot. Also, you will have a chance to talk with us about any problems you are having.

We do not expect to do anything that will hurt. It should mostly be interesting to you. At the end of the morning, we will have a talk with you and your mother or father (or both of them). We will try not to keep any secrets from you! We will tell you everything we found out. Then we will talk about ways to help you do better in school. You will be able to ask any questions you want.

We are all eager to meet you and become your friends.