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The clinicians at the Center for Developing Minds are passionate about identifying a child's strengths and weaknesses, helping students to navigate challenges, and teaching them how to thrive at school and at home. We have had the privilege to work with thousands of families over the years, and we are frequently touched by the thankful notes and appreciative comments we receive from patients. Please see a small sample of these messages, included here (with names changed for privacy):

September, 2015
We are so appreciative to have had your advice and counsel during this difficult last year. Our family needed an outside view to help us see how "stuck" we all were. It is so great to have Natalie back to smiling and working on new goals, and we are all hopeful for a better sophomore year.

December, 2014
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have made my life better. I don't know where I would be without you, most certainly would not be where I am now. Thank you for giving me a future!
Happy Holidays,

June, 2013
Our son, Ryan, has come a long way in your nine years of care. He, like all of us at that age, has a long way to go, but the doors are open thanks to a lot of help. We are grateful for your help and mentorship of Ryan. I remember my goal in elementary school was for him to avoid prison -- now it may just be white-collar crimes. ;-)

June, 2012
I want to take the time to thank you for all your help. I was very impressed with the consultation report. Talking to me and my son for a short period of time, you were able to write a report as if you had known him for many years. I am grateful for your time...Thank you for the kindness and support you have shown us.

March, 2012
Thank you so much. Your report is very thorough, and easy to understand. We are looking forward to meeting with you again. I'm so happy that we're on the right track to help Alex be successful in school.
Thank you again,

November, 2011
I am sharing with you a post during my "thankfulness challenge" this month. "I am thankful for Dr. Korb and the CDM for recognizing that 'all great minds do NOT think alike.' Dr. Korb has a great way with kids and their parents. His strategies help kids realize their potential..." We both sit back and marvel at where he is -- compared to where he was when we first met with you in his high school freshman year. Thanks so much for your role in his turn around.
~ Ann

December, 2010
Just wanted to let you know that we have found a new school for our son, Brian, that feels right and hopefully will be a good fit for him. But, mainly I want to personally thank you for your assistance and advice during a very difficult situation. I will never fully understand how it got to the point it got to, but you were the voice of reason reminding me to focus on Brian first and what's best for him. You were extremely accessible and helpful.
Thank you,

August, 2008
Thank you for our new prescription. In a nutshell, Sebastian has never been more pleasant to be around. His threshold for frustration is much higher which enables him to focus on tasks longer and, thus, gain more satisfaction from having been engaged in or completed those tasks. For the first time ever, he made it through an entire soccer practice without complaining, arguing, "hurting" himself, becoming enraged at a teammate or plain collapsing into tears. In fact, he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself! This was a breakthrough. Even at school, Sebastian appears more relaxed than he ever has around his peers...