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The CDM is currently looking to add a variety of professionals to our clinical staff. If you would like to pursue any of these available positions, please send a resume and a letter describing interest and experience to

The CDM provides a comfortable and flexible work environment in an interdisciplinary clinical setting, which offers a unique opportunity for collaboration regarding patient care. More information about all of the services and programs available at the CDM can be found by navigating to those pages on this website using the content bar.

Educational Specialist

The Center for Developing Minds is seeking an experienced Educational Therapist/Specialist. The clinician should offer a range of educational services, because he or she will be afforded the independence to create individual and group programs. There is a need serve elementary, middle, or high school students. Expertise with executive functioning is needed to support many of our disorganized clients. We are looking for talented, motivated, problem solvers with a broad enough background that they can craft a unique treatment plan for each client. The clinician will work in an interdisciplinary setting, but must also have the capacity to deliver thorough, independent assessments and treatment plans. Most important, the clinician must be able to connect on a personal level with parents and students. Educational specialist should have the appropriate credentials to provide educational therapy.


The Center for Developing Minds is seeking a part-time counsellor to provide evaluative and therapeutic services for children and families affected by a range of developmental variations including: behavioral, mental health, and social cognitive variations. Many of our clients have weak executive functioning. A qualified therapist can be a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, or marriage and family therapist. Although many of the CDM clients have high prevalence, low severity conditions, the therapists should be able to identify and refer or treat more significant mental health pathology. The therapist will have the opportunity to carve out their own niche focusing on personal areas of counselling expertise. There will also be opportunities to run existing groups or develop new programs. The counsellor will work in an interdisciplinary setting supported by a team of clinicians. This position is part-time, but has the potential to develop into a full-time practice.

Educational Psychologist or Neuropsychologist

The Center for Developing Minds is seeking a licensed psychologist or neuropsychologist to perform part-time psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing. The emphasis of the CDM is to provide tangible solutions for students who struggle at school and their families, and the psychologist should be able to create clearly written reports using approachable terminology and offering practical recommendations. The psychologist will join a team of clinicians serving the CDM population that ranges in age from preschool to young adult. The psychologist should have expertise in testing children with many of the conditions frequently identified at the CDM: oppositional behavior, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, disorganized children, attention dysfunctions and depression. It is expected that the psychologist will be experienced with a range of "gold standard" psychological instruments. Most importantly, the psychologist must understand typical child and adolescent development, know how to play and work with children, and communicate with them on their level. The clinician should work collaboratively because he or she will have the opportunity to perform in an interdisciplinary setting, but must also have the capacity to deliver thorough independent assessments and treatment.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

We are seeking a part-time occupational therapist with a flexible schedule. The occupational therapist needs to bounce off walls and spin in circles with children with a range of conditions including sensory processing disorders, LD, NLD, ASD, and ADHD. The therapist will have the capacity to independently evaluate and create treatment plans, but will also have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary setting. The candidates should be a licensed occupational therapist who has had an internship in pediatrics with sensory integration frame of reference and/or three or more years of professional clinical experience. The clinician should be experienced at offering a range of occupational therapy services, because he or she will be afforded the independence to create individual and group programs. The therapist will produce written reports and therefore must have appropriate writing skills.
Part time work could potentially lead to full time position.