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The CDM is currently looking to add a variety of professionals to our clinical staff. If you would like to pursue this available position, please send a resume and a letter describing interest and experience to

The CDM provides a comfortable and flexible work environment in an interdisciplinary clinical setting, which offers a unique opportunity for collaboration regarding patient care. More information about all of the services and programs available at the CDM can be found by navigating to those pages on this website using the content bar.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist or LMFT

The CDM has an immediate need for a therapist that specializes in young children (under 12 years old). There will be opportunity for individual counselling as well as parent coaching. The therapist can carve out their own niche focusing on personal areas of counseling expertise. There will also be opportunities to run existing groups or develop new programs.

The counselor will work in an interdisciplinary setting supported by a team of clinicians including a behavioral and a developmental pediatrician, educational psychologists, speech and language pathologist, behaviorist, educator, and other counselors. This position is part-time, but has the potential to develop into a full-time practice.