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Dana Erhard-Weiss, Ph.D., MFTI
Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern

Dana is a therapist at the Center for Developing Minds, providing counseling for young children, infants up to age nine, and their families. She uses a psychodynamic approach when working with each family, and specializes in parent-child therapy that is designed to support each child’s optimal development. Her therapy helps to foster well-being and promote a positive parent-child relationship, while decreasing problematic symptoms and strengthening the coping skills for dealing with issues such as anxiety, behavior problems (e.g. sleep disorders, excessive crying, aggression , toileting troubles), parenting difficulties and struggles with family issues related to divorce, single-parenting and adoption.

In addition to her work at the CDM, Dana is currently a visiting researcher at the Stanford University Psychology Department. She is responsible for the development, research and facilitation of a new parenting workshop on emotional regulation, designed for parents of children with autism, in collaboration with Autism Unit of the Stanford Psychiatry Department.

Prior to joining the CDM, Dana worked as a child developmental psychologist at the Child Development Clinic of Meir Hospital, Kfar-Saba, Israel, where she performed psychological and developmental assessments, as well as dyadic and individual psychotherapy with children. She also provided psychotherapy for children under age three and their parents at the mom-baby clinical unit of the Psychiatric Department at Ichilov Tel-Aviv Medical Center, and she managed her own private counseling practice.

Dana earned a B.A. in Psychology and Special Education from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and an M.A. Child Clinical Psychology from Bar Ilan University, Israel. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognition and Development from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a licensed clinical development psychologist in Israel, and has a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern license in California.